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Trade Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Using SGD and USD Funds with the help of a fully automated exchange system.

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Accept Payments in Crypto

Enterprise-grade solutions. Accept payment in BTC, LTC and Dogecoin with an automatic option to convert crypto to fiat currency in your Crxzone account.

OTC Desk Service

  • Buy and Sell Major Cryptocurrencies (BTC,LTC,ETH,USDT,DOGE etc.) instantly in minutes at the comfort of our office.
  • Legitimate transaction with KYC.
  • Call Hotline Support No. +65-62204548
    • Intellect Mkt Pte. Ltd.
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      10 Anson Road,
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      Singapore, 079903
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A partner you can rely on.

Our company is registered in Singapore with legal and regulatory compliance. We provide you with the tools and reporting you need to be a market leader - without the legal uncertainty.

You can send Bitcoins over the Internet directly to anyone with no middlemen. Like cash, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Bitcoins are traded worldwide. Here are some links to get you started:

Based in Republic of Singapore and founded in February of 2014, Intellect Mkt. Pte. Ltd. is a crypto currencies wallet platform where merchants and consumers can transact with the new digital currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, etc.

Our mission is to provide a world class transparent, deeply liquid and safe environment for users to trade crypto-currencies, as well as to accept crypto-payments by online businesses in an efficient and easy to use manner.

That’s why we guarantee your Bitcoin, Litecoin and virtual currency investments three things: Security, Scalability, and Liquidity. A sophisticated platform architecture, conceived and built for maximum scalability and data security, lies at the heart of the CRXzone exchange — all backed by 24/7, best-in-class monitoring.

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