A History of Intellect Market Pte Ltd

Intellect Market Pte Ltd was established in 2014 by Mr. Pawan Kumar Maheshwari. We started off as an Order Book cryptocurrency exchange named CRXzone, and it was one of the earliest exchanges in the space. Over the years, the cryptocurrency space matured and only a handful of centralized exchanges dominated the space. The growth in adoption of cryptocurrencies presented us with the opportunity of becoming one of the biggest Cryptocurrency OTC Trading Desks in Singapore.

Here is an early interview of our founder, Mr. Pawan Kumar Maheshwari, with The Coin Republic

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by retail investors calls for stricter and tighter control of cryptocurrencies from the local financial regulators. The stricter regulatory requirements made the procurement of a DPT license more challenging, and Intellect Market has withdrawn its licensing efforts in Singapore. Presently, our OTC Trading Desk services are only available to clients from outside of Singapore.

Our founder is a veteran in the cryptocurrency space and is a firm believer of the technology behind crypto assets. Intellect Market is striving to be a Venture Capital firm focusing on blockchain technology and we want to help drive innovation in the space through providing VC funding and strategic advice.

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To support early-stage startups in the new digital assets economy. We are keen to invest in teams that are building innovative business models in the blockchain sector.


To drive innovation in the cryptocurrency/blockchain/digital asset space and provide more use cases for digital assets to help gain adoption of the technology. We provide the innovators in the space with resources to turn their ideas into reality.


We see the long-term value of cryptocurrencies and we want to support teams and projects that offer an innovative and sustainable business model with utility. We are open to invest in all areas of crypto projects which includes but are not limited to Layer 1 Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, web 3 apps etc.

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