Saturday,  November  27,  2021   |   02:47 GMT

1. OTC Business is our main focus now and Operational as usual Our office will operate as usual for Over-The-Counter deals, and customers are welcomed to continue to buy or sell crypto with us. Customers can buy or sell BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT at competitive rates with on the SPOT settlement. Changes will be made to our site in coming weeks to display our latest Indicative Rates, Terms and Procedures. You may contact us via Phone support at +65-62204548 or Whatsapp Support at +65-88755440 for more details. 2. Fiat Deposit Service (Order Book Exchange) All Bank Transfer requests to fund your CRXzone account will be suspended immediately as early as 10th Nov 2021. Any new deposit request will be rejected. 3. Crypto Deposit Service (Order Book Exchange) All Crypto Deposit requests to fund your CRXzone account will stop by 17th Nov 2021 so that our customers have enough time to make alternative arrangements. 4. Trading Service (Order Book Exchange) All Open Book Trading Service will stop by 18th Nov 2021 so that our customers have enough time to decide what to do with their cryptocurrencies held in the exchange. All pending orders will be cancelled. 5. Withdrawal Service (Order Book Exchange) All customers are strongly advised to withdraw their assets (Fiat & Crypto) by 30th Nov 2021. We have a video tutorial on how to make withdrawal request here or you may contact help desk support at +65-62204548 for assistance. However, please note if your account has been inactive and/or you have not completed our Selfie Verification, we now require you to verify your CRXzone account with a photo of self and photo ID in order to process your withdrawal request: On a piece of paper, write "For Approval of CRXzone Account *date*", where *date* not more than 3 days ago Take a photo of you holding the submitted ID document and the piece of paper Photo must clearly show your face and not covered by ID/paper Please see here for sample image. Support Assistance for our clients: Phone support : +65-62204548 Mon - Fri: Singapore time 9 AM - 7 PM Sat: Singapore time 10 AM - 2 PM If you have any questions feel free to contact us using this phone number. Whatsapp Support : +65-88755440 Facebook Chat : Visit us at for live chat support.