Wednesday,  September  22,  2021   |   04:33 GMT


In the light of EgoPay and CRXzone partnership we have agreed on a double bonus for all traders who deposit to CRXzone via EgoPay. The Promo will be held from 20th Dec 2014 to 14 Feb 2015.

Bonus 1:

Traders who deposit to CRXzone account via EgoPay will enjoy a 0% deposit fee as well as 0% trading fee, Only 1% Egopay receiving fee charged by egopay will be deducted e.g If you send 100 USD you will get 99 USD credit.

Bonus 2:

Clients who deposit 200 USD and perform at least two trades using CRXzone Trading Platform will participate in the competition. There are 3 cash prizes: 75 USD, 50 USD and 25 USD. Winner is choosen automatically. Prize will be transfered to the CRXzone account of the winner.

Bonus 3:

Online merchants can use CRXzone merchant gateway and accept online payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Zero Setup fee and zero processing fee for all those merchants who has egopay account.

About CRXzone:

CRXzone — is a modern online platform for various cryptocurrencies exchange. Our company is officially registered in the Republic of Singapore which makes our service not only convenient, but also 100% legal and trustworthy.

Our strong background of more than 10 years experience in the field of electronic currencies allows us to implement the most advanced exchange service involving best practices and features. At the same time we are always open to our customers aiming for the most complete, reliable, safe and convenient service!