Wednesday,  September  22,  2021   |   05:59 GMT

CRXzone Crypto Exchange is glad to announce that we have implemented new functionality to our website to make your trading even more effective and easy. "Instant Trade" is the fastest way for you to sell or buy crypto at our market for available price at the current moment, the only thing you need to do is select the required amount that need to be sold or bought and the system will do the rest for you. Your order will be immediately completed so that you don't have to wait until someone else will place an order that will execute yours.

To try out "Instant Trade" go to the Trading Platform. Check "Instant Trade" enter the amount and press the appropriate button. Your order will be automatically executed in the next moment and funds will be credited to your account.

CRXzone Crypto Exchange works on bringing to our customers the best functionality from the world of online crypto exchange. Our main goal is to make our service the best place for buying and selling crypto currencies online.