Wednesday,  September  22,  2021   |   05:41 GMT

CRXzone Global Crypto Exchange and Merchant Payment Gatewayis glad to announce that the Developers section has been revised and improved in order to make integration process as easy as possible. We have splitted our guides in 2 separate sections:

  • Trading API - provides automated trading solutions for our clients. By studying this section you will learn how to automatically create and execute orders on CRXzone cryptocurrency exchange, get market depth, currency rates, etc.
  • Merchant Guide - allows accepting cryptocurrency payments in a fast and reliable manner, where we provide detailed information on receiving money from your customers in popular cryptocurrencies.

Visit our revised Developers section to learn more about integration and tand take your busines to a new level.

CRXzone constantly works on providing customers with the best possible functionality in the world of online crypto exchange. We are grateful to any feedback regarding our integration guides, if you find an error on our website please feel free to contact us.