Wednesday,  September  22,  2021   |   06:03 GMT

CRXzone is launching merchant platform allowing receiving online payments in crypto for your goods and services.

We provide various set of tools and features helping you make your businesses easy as never before:

  • Get Ready for Global
    Receive payments from more than 200 countries worldwide. With support of nearly all the languages on our checkout pages your clients will be able to easily pay you!
  • Have a Peace of Mind
    Prefer not to store crypto in your account? Receive payments for your goods and services directly in fiat currency of your choice!
  • Charge 1$, get $1
    Merchants set the price and receive exact amount without having any problems selling crypto or loosing funds on rates fluctuation. Buyers get the best conversion rate at the time of purchase.
  • Enjoy Seamless Integration
    Our porwefull documentation, code samples, step by step integration guides, as well as pre-made libraries and plugins for e-commerce soliutions allow to integrate quickly.

You will find our platform the best solution in the market for receiving online payments. We thought about every aspect associated with receiving cryptocurrency payments. Ultimately you are getting real money into your bank account hassle-free.

To start using the CRXzone merchant services you need to complete registration and verification processes . Once done - you will be able to accept payments instantly.